Michelle Ackerley reveals close bond with 'best friend' and mother Mavis

Michelle Ackerley and mum Mavis pose for HELLO! shoot
Michelle Ackerley and mum Mavis pose for HELLO! shoot

TV presenting duo Michelle Ackerley and her mum Mavis have joined HELLO! for an exclusive interview and photoshoot to celebrate Mother's Day and tell us how they're best friends as well as mother and daughter.

"Mum isn't just my parent, she's my best friend too," says Michelle. "I can talk to her about anything, and we speak every day. We always try to do something nice on Mother's Day and this year will probably involve a night out with fizz and dancing. I look forward to spending time with my mum because it's fun. My mates love going out with her too - they call her 'Mave the Rave'. I wish I had her energy."

Mavis adds: "If Michelle wasn't my daughter, she would be my best mate, because I love her to bits; I love everything about her. She's the total opposite of me but she understands me. But I am still a mother, and sometimes I need to say, 'Michelle, no, you're going a bit far now.'"

Michelle Ackerley and mum Mavis pose for HELLO! shoot
"Mum isn't just my parent, she's my best friend too," says Michelle

Working together on TV

Luckily the pair have been able to spend much of the past few years working together on the BBC's Morning Live, where Michelle, 39, is a presenter while Mavis, 67, is a life coach. Two years ago, they co-presented their own docuseries, Dirty Rotten Scammers, which saw them delve into the world of cybercrime.

Their on-screen partnership began a few years ago when Michelle was filming a segment for The One Show about legendary Manchester nightclub Reno. Discovering it was one of her mum's old haunts, she took Mavis along.

While Mavis, a former nurse who retrained as a personal trainer and life coach, has offered Michelle support and advice all her life, Michelle was there for Mavis when Marcus, her husband of 30 years, died from lung cancer in 2018.

Michelle Ackerley poses for HELLO! shoot
Michelle, 39, is a presenter on BBC's Morning Live

Michelle's wedding to fiancé Ben Ryan

"Mum has been such a support through school and my career and it goes both ways; we've got each other's backs," says Michelle, who is marrying Brentford Football Club's performance director Ben Ryan, 50, in May in front of a handful of family members.

"One of the things I love about Ben is that he has such a calm aura about him and I feel safe around him," she says. "He's also great fun; we've also got the same sense of humour and we can just spend all of our time together cracking up laughing at stupid things."t

Michelle Ackerley poses for HELLO! shoot
The TV star is preparing to walk down the aisle in May

Her relationship with Ben

It turns out Ben is also something of a superstar in Fiji, where in 2016 he led the national Rugby 7s team to the sport's first ever Olympic gold medal.

"His face is on the banknotes, and the rugby story is being made into a film," Michelle explains. "We went there last year and we had people queuing up outside the hotel rooms; it was surreal.   I was taken aback to see a whole nation react to him, but also at how he interacted with them, treating every single person like a friend or family member."

Mavis' love life with partner Tim

Meanwhile, Michelle is delighted that her mum has found love again with retired restauranteur Tim.

"It's so lovely to see her happy with a fantastic partner and to be able to share and enjoy that with them, especially when we have been through such difficult times," she says. "The grief doesn't go away but it's nice to get to a point where you can look back and smile about happy times."

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