Michelle Visage and James Jordan lock horns over vogue routine that cost her 'Strictly' place

Michelle Visage and James Jordan lock horns over vogue routine that cost her 'Strictly' place

A Twitter war has broken out between Michelle Visage and James Jordan over her vogue-inspired routine from Strictly Come Dancing’s weekend in Blackpool.

Visage was voted out of the BBC dance contest at the weekend over a Couple’s Choice routine that divided viewer opinion on whether it was inspirational or simply lacked dance content.

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Ex-Strictly pro James Jordan, known for his cutting Twitter commentary on the show each week, was one of the biggest critics of Visage and her partner Giovanni Pernice’s routine, even questioning whether her emotional explanation for choosing the dance was genuine.

On Saturday evening, Visage spoke before her dance about being accepted by the LGBTQ community when she first arrived in New York and got into ball culture, known for its vogueing dance style.

The RuPaul’s Drag Race star tearfully dedicated her Blackpool routine to the LGBTQ community, with many fans saying she would have known the routine was a risk but thanking her for prioritising getting her message across over getting top scores.

However, Jordan was unmoved by the interview, accusing her tears of being faked.

When a fan directed Visage to Jordan’s tweet and pointed out he’d accused her of only doing it for the LGBTQ vote, she replied, calling it “deplorable”.

She wrote: “Omg did he??!!! That’s deplorable. Gross.”

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Visage then went directly to Jordan to call him out on his comments, although he protested that he was entitled to his opinion and was being trolled by her.

He also accused Visage of being “upset that ‘her’ community didn’t save her”.

Jordan had also tweeted that Visage’s routine was “not dancing just posing”, something that other viewers had argued over, saying it was disregarding the cultural significance of vogueing.

He called it an “easy, easy decision” to send Visage home, but as she insisted that she was proud of trying to change the world by taking risks, he conceded that she had a lot to be proud of and could have won.

After landing in the dance-off during Sunday’s show, Visage lost out to Saffron Barker when all four judges voted to save her for her Quickstep.