Michelle Visage: I'm honest to a fault

Michelle Visage believes she can be too honest at times credit:Bang Showbiz
Michelle Visage believes she can be too honest at times credit:Bang Showbiz

Michelle Visage is "honest to a fault".

The 55-year-old singer insists she cannot lie, and at times, she can be too honest for her own good.

Asked about the last lie she told, Michelle explained to the Guardian newspaper: "I don’t lie. That’s why I get into trouble: I’m honest to a fault."

Michelle has faced lots of criticism during the course of her career.

However, the music star has turned her critics into a source of motivation.

Michelle - who has also starred on 'RuPaul's Drag Race', the hit TV show - shared: "I’ve heard it all: too fat, too short, no talent. Those are the things that cut me deep when I was younger, but now they drive me."

Despite this, MIchelle insisted that the public's perception of her doesn't chime with the reality.

She said: "I’m actually really soft and nerdy, and not the hard girl that people think they see on the telly."

Meanwhile, Michelle previously admitted that she faced a lot of trolling after she joined 'RuPaul's Drag Race'.

The TV star told Australia's WHO magazine: "There is territory that comes with my job, like getting abused on social media as I've said something about someone's favourite queen they didn't like.

"That's the downside of being a judge on a reality show, but I still wouldn't trade it."

Michelle also confessed to being hugely proud of the show's success.

She said: "It took us nine years to get this show on the air and then another nine years for it to be taken seriously.

"It started off as a programme made for queer people by queer people on a little-known queer network, so took a long time to blow up the way it has.

"I'm just as proud of the success of 'Drag Race' as I am of my own two kids."