Michelle Yeoh, Justin Chien Fight to Protect Their Family in ‘The Brothers Sun’ Trailer

Michelle Yeoh is balancing a criminal underworld with parenting duties in the first look at The Brothers Sun.

Co-created by Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu, the Netflix series stars Yeoh as Eileen Sun, a shrewd and savvy woman who built a life for herself and her youngest son, Bruce (Sam Song Li), after leaving the world of Taiwan’s gangsters and crime behind.

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But years after settling in Los Angeles, her past catches up with her with the return of her eldest son, Charles (Justin Chien). Raised and groomed as a hardened criminal within a Taiwanese triad run by his crime boss father, Charles — known as “Chairleg” — has arrived to keep his mother and brother safe after his dad is killed by an unknown assassin.

In a trailer that’s more fight sequence than dialogue, Eileen teams with Charles to protect the naive Bruce, who never knew the truth about his family until his older brother arrived, as Taipei’s deadliest societies and a new rising faction face off in a fight for dominance that arrives at their doorstep.

While the trailer is chock-full of fists, bullets and kicks, The Brothers Sun first look is also a family story, in which Charles’ return sees him, Bruce and Eileen working towards healing the wounds caused by their separation. In the process, they’ll inch towards figuring out what family truly means before one of their countless enemies kills them.

“Mama knows best” in this dark action comedy that also stars Highdee Kuan, Joon Lee, Jenny Yang, Johnny Kou, Jon Xue Zhang and more.

Falchuk serves as showrunner and exec producer alongside Wu, Kevin Tancharoen and Mikkel Bondesen. Wu serves as writer for the series, while Tancharoen directs.

The series drops Jan. 4 on Netflix.

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