Michigan Bus Drivers Rescue Toddler Abducted During Car Theft

Bus drivers in Kentwood, Michigan, rescued a 2-year-old after a thief drove away in a stolen car with the child still inside the vehicle on Tuesday, October 4, according to local news reports.

Local news reported that the parents flagged down Kelloggsville Public Schools bus driver Dave Skinner for help, prompting him to call 911 and radio his fellow drivers about the missing tot.

Sue Figueroa, another bus driver in the area, noticed the child on the side of the road, picked him up, and returned him to his parents shortly after, according to the news report.

Footage of the incident shows the parents frantically flagging down Skinner. It also shows Figueroa stopping her vehicle to rescue the child standing in an empty driveway and returning him to his parents.

According to a police report, the child was returned to his parents unharmed. The stolen vehicle was found in Grand Rapids a short time later, police said.

A post on the Kelloggsville Public Schools Facebook page said Skinner, Figueroa, and transportation director Kristin Nickelson – who told Figueroa to pick up the child – were recognized for their “heroic actions” that helped save the 2-year-old. Credit: Kelloggsville Public Schools via Storyful

Video transcript

- Call the police. There's a kid. Somebody steal the car and there's a baby inside.

- Wait. All right.




- The police are asking what kind of car it is.

- I'm just [INAUDIBLE].

- We need the best description possible on the baby too.

- Yeah. We got [INAUDIBLE].



- Hi, baby. Come here, baby. I know.

I know. Sweet baby. Come here, sweet baby.

Aw. Do you want a hug? Oh my goodness, do you want a hug?

I know. I know, you don't want. [SPANISH]

Oh! [INAUDIBLE]. I know, baby. [INAUDIBLE]. I have the baby.

- Oh my god, thank you, thank you, thank you. They found the baby?



- [INAUDIBLE], baby? We'll bring you to your mama. Stay right there, baby. Stay right there.

- [INAUDIBLE] they found the car?

- I have the child. Ma'am? Ma'am?

- This is your mama? Ma'am? Excuse me. I have a baby. Come here. [INAUDIBLE].

Ma'am? Is this your baby? He's OK.

He's OK. He's OK. He's OK.