Mick Hucknall brands Boris Johnson ‘despicable’ amid Partygate committee hearing

Mick Hucknall has vehemently condemned former prime minister Boris Johnson for denying that he lied about partying during the Covid lockdown.

Johnson is currently facing inquiries into whether or not he misled the House of Commons in their Partygate investigation. During Wednesday’s (22 March) committee hearing, Johnson said that claims he was “partying during lockdown” were false.

In the hearing, Johnson attempted to justify one particular gathering for departing aid Lee Cain, claiming they “had to happen”.

“If anyone thinks I was partying during lockdown, they’re completely wrong,” he added.

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Following the comments, Simply Red musician Hucknall shared his thoughts on the Conservative politician on social media.

“While Boris Johnson was having his leaving drinks party, like millions of others, I was disallowed to say goodbye to my dying father-in-law in hospital,” he tweeted.

Hucknall then branded Johnson a “despicable lying B******”.

Johnson claims he didn’t mislead parliament and that he was told Covid rules were fully observed at Downing Street parties during lockdown. He will now answer claims from former aides and No 10 insiders which sit uncomfortably alongside his defence.

If the committee MPs find against him, they will be able to decide a punishment, such as a written apology, docking of salary or suspension from the House of Commons for a specific period.

During Wednesday’s committee hearing, Johnson accused the probing MPs of bias in their investigation by trying to discredit the seven-strong cross-party panel and suggesting chair Harriet Harman was “prejudicial”.

However, he later softened his criticism of the committee and the use of the term “kangaroo court” by his allies.

“I deprecate the term - I don’t want to use it,” he said, adding: “I have every confidence that you will be fair.”