Midsomer Murders ITV 'axe' tipped after 25 series as show pulled from schedules

ITV's Midsomer Murders
ITV's Midsomer Murders -Credit:ITV

It has just returned for a new series, but already Midsomer Murders is being tipped for the ITV 'axe' having disappeared from schedules after just one episode.

One of many British TV viewers favourite crime drama for nearly three decades now, just like Vera, Midsomer Murders is a show that has become synonymous with the Sunday night slot and millions tuned in at 8pm on April 14 to see Barnaby and Winters back on he case in a new mystery - The Blacktree Prophecy - which saw lead actors Neil Dudgeon and Nick Hendrix joined by a supporting cast that included guest stars Nina Wadia and Kate Robbins.

While the two hour long episode, which saw Barnaby and Winters investigate the death of a man found dead in a bombproof shelter, did come under fire from some critics for being 'too far fetched' as Vera fans longed for its return, before filming has even started on the new series.

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Those viewers who were fully invested in the twists and turns of Midsomer's return have been left confused as to when the other three parts of the new series will actually air, as there is no place for the show in this Sunday's ITV listings, as Britain's Got Talent and new thriller Red Eye air back to back and no word was given as credits rolled on Sunday's episode, when it will be back, with the announcers instead informing people how they could catch up on opinion-dividing new drama Passenger.

And, with Red Eye set to tale over the Sunday night drama slot for the foreseeable, bookies are now predicting that Midsomer Murders' days could be numbered. Online tipsters Betideas have slashed their odds on Midsomer being scrapped to 8/11, with spokesperson Lee Astley commenting: "The new series of Midsomer Murders was met with a mixed reception last night and with no confirmed date for its second episode, it appears ITV could be losing patience with its long-running drama. Series 23, whenever it does resume, could well be the last one to hit our screens, with the show now just 8/11 to be canned after the latest season is aired."

He added: "Meanwhile, ITV bosses could look to keep hold of the show but instead give it a major revamp to appeal to new viewers, including a new cast, with Midsomer Murders 6/4 to receive a significant rebrand.”