Your Brain's Executive Functioning Is Above Average If You Can Interpret These 23 Confusing Photos We Found This Week

Your Brain's Executive Functioning Is Above Average If You Can Interpret These 23 Confusing Photos We Found This Week

Welcome to another week of Reddit's most mind-boggling photos found from their r/confusingperspective thread. Here's one from last week that had people in a tizzy:

A metal structure is precariously supported by unevenly stacked wooden blocks on a stone wall

1.Let's start with this extremely odd motorcycle situation. It is definitely not two men with their foreheads together:

Two men on motorcycles parked side by side on the road, talking to each other. One motorcycle has a large rear case; both riders wear protective gear

2.This is not water on a phone screen:

A close-up of a bathtub filled with dark water and bubbles, giving an impression of a bath bomb or special bath treatment. No people are in the image

It is a bath tub with a bath bomb!

u/sweetlily_xo /

3.This is not an aerial photo of some tropical reef:

Abstract image showing overlapping, irregularly shaped patches of lighter color on a smooth, bluish surface. No text or identifiable figures present

4.This is not two dogs and their owner:

Three dogs walking in the snow-covered field; one black, one light-colored, and one gray with a coat

5.This is not a room with the door open:

A living room with a television showing a soccer game, a mirror on the wall, suitcases, pink slippers on a table, and water bottles on a table by the door

6.This is not a weird hole in the ground with the shadow of a seagull without the actual seagull:

Shadow of a bird with webbed feet projected on a flat, light-colored surface. Visible lines and slight textures are on the surface

It's the top of a tent from the inside and the bird is standing on top.

u/nububunububu /

7.This dog is not missing its head:

A dog with an amputated hind leg is sitting on grass in a backyard, facing away. Trees and a fence are in the background

8.This is not a car without a driver on the road:

A red car is driving on a highway beside a concrete barrier. Trees and another car are visible in the background

9.This is not what people on Reddit are calling a "flying digger":

A large crane lifts an excavator onto a blue cargo ship named "HB Golden Eagle" at a harbor. Industrial facilities and other machinery are in the background

The digger is likely being dropped down into a cargo ship.

u/adsa99 /

10.This dog is not inappropriately touching its pal:

Two large dogs stand on snow and dirt, one resting its front paw on the other's back. No humans or text are visible in the image

It is the dogs tail!

u/imfields /

11.This is not a frozen sky:

A view from below of trees seen through a circular hole in an ice-covered roof, revealing a patch of blue sky

It is an aviary that has has snow on it.

u/HerbziKal /

12.And this is not a lake or pond in winter:

A tree with bare branches stands in a grassy area near a white wall. There appears to be a black cat climbing the tree

Nope, that "pond" is just a white fence.

u/thathotsaucee /

13.This is not a deep dropoff:

A clear, shallow pool of water surrounded by rocks, with undergrowth and some stones visible below the water's surface

The person is on a rock formation really high up.

u/hotand_spicy /

14.This is not some never-ending book hallway:

Library shelves filled with various books, creating an optical illusion of infinite depth due to the camera angle

It is just the shelves.

u/Donttellyourgirlfrie /

15.This kitty does not have hind legs coming out of its sides:

A determined-looking tabby cat walks on a gravel path, appearing focused and intent on its destination

16.This is not a cloud that formed like a cat:

A large fluffy white cat appears to be sitting in the clouds above houses, creating an illusion of a giant cat in the sky

17.This person on the right is not nude:

Two unidentified men in summer attire stand outside. One wears a zigzag tank top with American flag shorts; the other is shirtless with blue floral shorts

It is the arm of the person in front facing the other direction.

u/farWorse /

18.And this person isn't wearing panties in public:

Woman wearing a striped shirt stands at a bus stop with a humorous tote bag, featuring an image of legs in stockings aligned with her lower body

It's a bag — thought I would throw in an obvious one for you.

u/small_stella /

19.This is not just a fence:

A close-up view of a weathered wooden fence with green foliage hanging over the top

There is actually a tree trunk in the middle if you look closely.

u/HuffleCatXxX /

20.This horse does not have a luxurious mane:

Person with curly hair wearing a floral shirt standing close to a horse outdoors. Face not visible

It is the hair of the woman in front.

u/Opening-Try5382 /

21.And this horse isn't missing a leg:

A horse stands in a grassy field behind a wire fence, with the sun setting in the background

It is hidden by its front right leg.

u/OliviaStrutt /

22.Oh, and this person isn't missing a head either:

A person in a chair with a black and white polka dot cover, sitting in what appears to be a nail salon. Other patrons are seen in the background

23.Okay, let's wrap it up! This dog does not have diabolical binoculars:

Corgi dog lying under a car with its eyes humorously aligned with the car's dual exhaust pipes, making it look like it's wearing binoculars

If it's not obvious, it is the exhaust from the car.

u/out_littlesecret /

Answers from last week's post are below. Look out for more confusing perspectives next week and let us know which one stumped you the most this week in the comments!

1. The two wooden boards on the right side of the screen look like they're levitating because they are screwed into the flat wooden piece above. The board that is furthest to the right wasn't screwed in and got loose. Whatever is above the metal pillars is holding everything up, thus making it look like the wood pieces are floating.

2. It is two dogs, the dog on top is turning its head really far to the side so it looks headless.

3. The back leg of the chair is covered by the front leg. If you look really closely at the bottom of the leg in front, you can see it behind.

4. The person on the train has their arms wrapped around a giant penguin pillow, it is not a penguin costume.

5. The semi-truck has nothing attached to it — it is just perfectly parked to align with the building behind it.

6. It is two dogs, you just gotta look real close.

7. The walkway doesn't lead to a wall, it is the reflection of the window.

8. The shoe is not levitating. It is just the angle.

9. Same as #8 with this vehicle.

10. It is not a giant cat. The cat that appears large is actually sitting on a desk up close, and the other cat is on the ground, lower. The desk blends in perfectly with the floor, so they both look like they are on the same base.

11. This cat is just in someone's armpit.

12. This dog doesn't have biceps, it is just laying out straight in a way that makes it look like that from behind.

13. What you may think is the dog's eye is actually their paw.

14. It is a CAT.

15. It is not transparent — it is a mirror!