Migrant Detained at US-Mexico Border After Scaling Shipping Containers Covered in Razor Wire

A migrant was detained in Eagle Pass, Texas, after maneuvering over shipping containers covered in razor wire on the bank of the Rio Grande on Monday, February 26.

Efrain Gonzalez recorded this footage from across the river in Piedras Negras, Mexico.

The footage shows several US soldiers standing on top of a barrier made of shipping containers covered with razor wire, watching as a man with a backpack climbs up and over the wire.

The man makes it to the top, and then climbs down the other side, where he is examined and detained by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump are set to hold competing visits to the US-Mexico border on Thursday, February 29, to address immigration ahead of the 2024 election. Biden will visit Brownsville, and Trump is scheduled to visit Eagle Pass. Credit: Efraín González via Storyful

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