Migrants waiting on US side of Mexican border order takeaways from Tijuana

Behind the massive wall separating Mexico and the United States, hundreds of migrants receive food deliveries from Mexican restaurants while waiting on the US side, where they are hoping to apply for asylum.

The deliveries are made by motorbike drivers from the city of Tijuana, who work using a mobile app. Delivery is not easy. The couriers must climb up a short but steep slope, to reach the huge metal fence.

"The chicken is 20 dollars and the pizza is 10 dollars," says Sneider Moreno, from the Colombian city of Bucaramanga, who arrived at the border last Monday.

"We are waiting for the US government to give us passage," he says hopefully.

The US rule, Title 42, expired on Thursday and since 2020 allowed migrants to be automatically expelled to Mexico on the grounds of health risks due to Covid-19.

Title 8, a specific instrument on immigration that provides for deportations and the denial of asylum to violators, who will be banned for five years and face criminal proceedings, will remain in place.

As a result, thousands of migrants along the almost 3,200 km border have been seeking to turn themselves into US immigration agents to apply for asylum in the United States before Title 42 expires.