Miley Cyrus applauded by mum Tish for blasting 'too cool' LA crowd at Grammys

Tish Cyrus has applauded her daughter Miley for calling out the "too cool for school LA crowd" during her performance at the Grammy Awards.

Pop star Miley Cyrus made headlines after she blasted the audience at the awards show last month over their muted reaction while she was on stage singing her chart-topping hit 'Flowers' - scolding them over their lack of enthusiasm by saying: "Why are you acting like you don’t know this song?"

Now Tish has weighed in on the incident and insisted she's proud of her daughter for calling out the snooty crowd. During an appearance on her 'Sorry We're Stoned' podcast, Tish said: "I was so glad she did that because you know how it is at a lot of L.A. [stuff]. It's like you're too cool for school to get up, and you know you want to get up and dance. So, I was so glad she called it out."

Tish made the comment during a chat with rapper Wiz Khalifa, who praised Miley for having the "confidence" to tell the crowd off. He said: "That confidence, like, it comes out, too. Like, how she got on stage and was like 'Oh, y'all gonna act like y'all don't know that song?' Somebody who wasn't confident wouldn't be able to do that.

"But she has your voice in her head telling her, 'You got a trophy. It don't matter what these people [think]' ... It made me happy as a performer. I always loved her performances. Her voice is amazing, her attitude is amazing."

The hip-hop star went on to insist it's very difficult to perform in such a "stiff" environment and Miley did a great job of making the room "uncomfortable".

He explained: "I was telling somebody how difficult it is to perform in those environments because it's so stiff and like everybody's just staring at you.

"And when you perform, you've gotta get in your zone. You've gotta be in the holy ghost, you've gotta be feelin' it.

"You've gotta be able to roll your eyes and crack a smile, and she did that. She made the room uncomfortable by being herself, and that was the best performance that she could have gave. Yeah, it was really good."