Millie Bobby Brown's Fiancé Gave Her 'The Ick' By Doing 1 Thing She's Famous For

Frankly, we’re surprised Millie Bobby Brown didn’t just dump his ass.

In a recent BBC Radio 1 interview that went viral this week, the “Damsel” star shared that she just discovered a brand new “ick” — or a turnoff — thanks to her fiancé, model Jake Bongiovi.

“This morning I was on a flight with my fiancé, and he got a nosebleed,” she said. “And I got the ick.”

While explaining why she found this so unappealing, she cleverly referred to her famous “Stranger Things” character, Eleven, who gets nosebleeds when she uses her telekinetic and telepathic abilities.

Millie Bobby Brown appears as Eleven in
Millie Bobby Brown appears as Eleven in "Stranger Things." Courtesy of Netflix

“Do you know why? One, because he just got a nosebleed at the most inconvenient time,” she said. “We just landed. The seat belt sign was still on. He’s doing an Eleven. I’m like, ‘Calm down.’ Two, he’s acting as if it’s painful, and I’m like, ‘It’s not painful.’”

People on TikTok were thrilled by Brown pointing out that she’s famous for sporting a nosebleed as well.

‘He’s doing an 11.’ took me out 😂😂😂,” one user wrote. 

Another said, “she’s so unserious i love her so much.”

Brown and Jake Bongiovi are seen on March 1, 2024, in New York City.
Brown and Jake Bongiovi are seen on March 1, 2024, in New York City. NDZ/Star Max via Getty Images

This is not the first time that Brown has discussed her icks — and there seem to be quite a few things that she finds unsavory.

Earlier in the BBC Radio 1 interview, she said that men holding umbrellas give her the ick.

“There’s something about it that just feels really pathetic,” she explained. “I tried to get on board with it. I did try.”

She also told Glamour last year that she finds the act of taking photos of food “cringe.”

“I do not take pictures of my meals. That is where I draw the line,” she told the magazine at the time. “My camera does not eat first. I think it’s just ridiculous. Put your phone down, eat your meal. … Never have I ever taken a picture of my food or drink. Cringe!”