Millions of households told not to switch washing machine on before 'magic hour'

UK households have been advised to avoid using their washing machines before the 'magic hour', which is considered the most cost-effective time to do laundry. This advice comes from experts at Dr Beckmann, who found that a majority of Brits are washing their clothes during the most expensive energy periods.

Their research revealed that 85% of people do their laundry when energy costs are at their highest - between 8am and 10pm. The study also discovered that one in 10 Brits are doing their washing between 4pm and 7pm, which is peak time for high energy costs.

To save money, it's recommended to wash clothes between 10pm and 8am, when cheaper energy tariffs are usually in effect. The study identified the so-called "magic hour" for British bill payers as being between 7am and 8am.

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Chloe Baker, a spokesperson for Dr Beckmann, said: "With households struggling with the cost-of-living crisis, a simple change like switching to the magic hour can make a real difference to your energy bills. We've highlighted this hour as 7am to 8am, as we'd never recommend putting a load on before heading to bed, due to health and safety."

Energy prices are typically "at their lowest" between 10pm and 5am making it an ideal time for night owls and early risers. However, it's important to adhere to fire safety guidelines and not put a load in and then go to bed for the night, reports Birmingham Live.

It's crucial to remember that the time of use only matters with certain types of tariffs, so it's worth checking if your tariff has peak and off-peak times. The expert also suggests doing several loads of laundry one after the other to keep the tumble dryer warm between cycles.

Washing at 30C can halve the energy usage of your washing machine compared to a 40 to 60C cycle.