Millions notice huge WhatsApp change and all say the same thing

According to the company's figures, more than 12 billion of the total messages sent globally were picture messages.
WhatsApp has updated its layout. -Credit:Mirror

If you're one of the millions of people who regularly use WhatsApp, you might have noticed a key change to its layout. Something may look a little different on the popular messaging system following an update.

It has gone greener - and it's not gone unnoticed by users questioning why the change has been made. The green plus button at the top right of the screen for starting new chats has gone from blue to green, while notifications for unopened new messages have also turned green, to match the WhatsApp logo.

It's been immediately noticeable to millions of people who use the app daily. Many people don't like change, particularly with apps and other services they are familiar with and use often so the update has left some feeling uneasy and questioning the need for it.

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Some users may not yet have seen the new layout because it's taking time for everyone to see the update as Meta, which owns WhatsApp along with Facebook and Instagram, rolls out the change. The update has been a talking point on social media, with users taking to X to ask 'why has it gone green?'.

Others weren't happy and liked things the way they were as they told WhatsApp to "stop changing" the messaging app. Meta says for anyone who can't yet see the changes, it won't be long before they do.

The company said: "If you can’t see these changes yet, there may be a short wait before they reach everyone. Please make sure to keep WhatsApp updated to the latest version in the meantime."