Millions of UK households warned not to switch on washing machine 'after 8am'

UK households have been warned not to use their washing machine before "magic hour", which has been found to be the cheapest time of day to use your washing machine. According to the experts at Dr Beckmann, the majority of Brits wash their clothes at the priciest time of day.

The research found 85 per cent do their laundry when energy bills are at their peak - between 8am and 10pm. The study also found one in 10 Brits are washing between 4pm and 7pm, which is peak time for expensive energy.

Those who want to cut costs should wash clothes between 10pm and 8am when people tend to be on a cheaper energy tariff. And the study has identified the so-called "magic hour" for British bill payers as between the hours of 7am and 8am.

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Dr Beckmann spokesperson Chloe Baker said: "With households struggling with the cost-of-living crisis, a simple change like switching to the magic hour can make a real difference to your energy bills. We've highlighted this hour as 7am to 8am, as we'd never recommend putting a load on before heading to bed, due to health and safety."

Energy prices are “at their lowest” between 10pm and 5am – it's perfect for night owls and early risers. However, make sure to follow fire safety guidance and never put a load in and head to bed for the night.

It’s important to note that time of use is only a factor with certain types of tariffs, so check to see if your tariff includes peak and off-peak times. The expert also advises washing multiple loads of laundry consecutively so that the tumble dryer remains warm between cycles.

A 30C cycle can cut your washing machine’s energy use in half when compared to a 40 to 60C cycle.