'Mind-blowing' hack shows we've been poaching eggs wrong - with no saucepan or boiling water

A poached egg
A poached egg -Credit:Getty

A 'mind-blowing' hack has surfaced, showing that we've been poaching eggs all wrong - and suggesting we ditch the saucepan and boiling water altogether.

Eggs, a staple in many kitchens, can be prepared in numerous ways including fried, scrambled, boiled, or as an omelette. Poached eggs are particularly coveted for their delicate balance of firm whites and a soft, runny yolk.

Yet, achieving the perfect poached egg is often elusive with the traditional method of swirling boiling water in a saucepan. Now, a TikTok user has unveiled an alternative approach to poaching eggs that's taking social media by storm.

According to a video posted by @danarebeccadesigns, her mother demonstrates a poaching technique she picked up from another TikToker, as reported by the Express, reports the Daily Record.

In the video, her mother shares: "I recently learned how to poach an egg, and I thank whoever it was on TikTok. Break an egg into a small Pyrex bowl, add a little bit of water - just enough to cover the yolk - and put it in the microwave."

The duration for this innovative microwave technique typically ranges from 36 to 45 seconds, depending on the power of the microwave. Once microwaved, she reveals: "Out comes the perfect poached egg."

She then carefully lifts the egg with a slotted spoon onto a plate, cutting into it to showcase the impeccably runny centre.

While some have had the unfortunate experience of eggs exploding in their microwaves, there are tricks to avoid such kitchen disasters. One tip is to "add a pinch of salt to the water" or "poke the yolk with a toothpick" before cooking.

Another savvy individual suggested placing clingfilm over the dish for an easy clean-up, a method that has won over many fans.

One person was thrilled, saying: "Omg this is mind-blowing. I just tried it out and it worked. Thank you."

Someone else reported success: "I tried this three weeks ago and the poached egg came out so much better than usual."

And another added: "It's amazing. We cook them this way all the time since seeing it last week on a different TikTok."