'Mind-blowing' hack shows we've been poaching eggs wrong - no saucepan or boiling water

Poached egg.
Poached eggs make for a tasty yet nutritious breakfast, but many struggle to get them just right -Credit:Getty

A 'mind-blowing' hack has revealed that we've been poaching eggs all wrong - and we should forget the saucepan and boiling water.

Eggs are versatile, with options ranging from fried to scrambled, boiled, or transformed into an omelette. Poached eggs, when done right, are a delight, with firm whites encasing a runny, golden yolk in a neat package.

However, many struggle to achieve the perfect poached egg using traditional methods involving a saucepan of boiling water.

A TikTok user has shared a revolutionary method for poaching eggs that has left viewers astonished.

@danarebeccadesigns posted a video showing her mother's technique for cooking a poached egg, learned from another TikTok user, reports the Express.

Her mother explains: "I recently learned how to poach an egg, and I thank whoever it was on TikTok. Break an egg into a small Pyrex bowl, add a little bit of water - just enough to cover the yolk - and put it in the microwave."

The timing for this microwave method varies, typically between 36 to 45 seconds, depending on the microwave.

After microwaving, she presents the result: "Out comes the perfect poached egg."

She then uses a slotted spoon to transfer the egg onto a plate, slicing it open to show off the flawlessly runny yolk.

While some have tried this approach only to have the egg explode in their microwave, there are tips to prevent this mishap: either "add a pinch of salt to the water" or "poke the yolk with a toothpick".

Another person recommended covering the top of the dish with clingfilm to make cleaning up a breeze. The majority were fans of this technique.

One exclaimed: "Omg this is mind-blowing. I just tried it out and it worked. Thank you."

Another shared: "I tried this three weeks ago and the poached egg came out so much better than usual."

A third remarked: "It's amazing. We cook them this way all the time since seeing it last week on a different TikTok."

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