Minnesota Deputy Ends Pursuit by Pinning Stolen Vehicle to Snowbank

A deputy in Minnesota’s Twin Cities area ended a car chase by sending the suspect’s vehicle sliding into a snowbank in Maplewood on Thursday, March 23.

The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office shared the footage of the pursuit on Facebook and described in detail how the event unfolded. The deputy used a PIT maneuver—a technique in which the police car forces the vehicle being chased to turn sideways—to end the long pursuit. The chase, which took deputies around St Paul and surrounding towns, ended with the suspect’s vehicle being forced into a snowbank. The suspect climbed out of a window and onto the vehicle’s roof, but the deputy quickly Tasered him, the footage shows.

Police said the car was stolen, the driver had a gun under the front seat, and the vehicle had been used in a robbery in the nearby city of Fridley three days ago. Credit: Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

Video transcript



- [INAUDIBLE] still going on Jackson.

- Hey, Mark, be really careful [INAUDIBLE]. He has absolutely no traction. Be very careful [INAUDIBLE].

- He's losing it, 1700 block of Jackson. Still moving, but he-- yeah, you're right. He's got no traction at all.

- [INAUDIBLE] is imminent.

- Westbound Fenton. He just lost a tire at Fenton and Jackson. Westbound Fenton.



Right turn going down Beaumont from Fenton. 1852 Beaumont.

- Get on the ground! Get on the ground.

- Your incident has been updated.


- Your incident [INAUDIBLE].

- Driver is standing on the roof of the car.

- Get down here.

- One cop's out with a running [INAUDIBLE].

- Running southeast.