Minnesota Twins Draft Pick Saves Man from House Fire During Spring Training: ‘Did the Right Thing’

Travis Adams immediately ran to help when his neighbor's house caught fire on Monday in Florida

<p>John E. Moore III/Getty</p> Travis Adams of the Wichita Wind Surge

John E. Moore III/Getty

Travis Adams of the Wichita Wind Surge
  • Minnesota Twins draft pick Travis Adams saved a man from a house fire in Florida

  • Adams helped gain access to the home as it was burning to find the man

  • Fire officials confirmed the fire was electrical

Minnesota Twins draft pick Travis Adams was a hero when he saved a neighbor from a house fire in Fort Myers.

According to local news station WINK, 24-year-old Adams was in town for spring training when his neighbor's home on Arlington St. caught fire just after 6 p.m. local time on Monday.

The baseball player told WINK he "ended up just running out of the house" to help when his friend noticed the house across the street was in flames.

Adams said he ran to see if "anyone was in the house" at the time. "No one knew and so me and the guy went to the front door and started like knocking on it," he said, adding that "someone had to break in the front window" during the fire.

Adams said three additional volunteers at the scene knew the man who was inside the home, only identified by his first name Howard, but he and Adams did not know each other before the rescue.

"I think they knew who was in there. He was yelling 'Howard, your house is on fire, get out,' " Adams recalled.

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He continued to tell WINK that gaining access to the home to save Howard was difficult because of so many objects around the home.

"We couldn't, like, get in. And so I had to go around. And let's see, there's another door. And so there was a door on the side," Adams noted. "So I end up like tearing a little bit little part of the fence down and get back there and we end up getting the door open and kind of moving some stuff out of the way of that door and getting him out."

"My goal was just to help him out of the house because I didn't know like how much of the house is on fire or, you know, what was on fire. I saw a big old blaze and fire and smoke coming from the house," he added.

The courageous gesture from the athlete had many calling him a hero for saving Howard, but Adams said, "I don't really think of myself as a hero, but just tried to do as much as possible and did the right thing."

Fire Department officials confirmed that the fire in Howard's home was the result of an electrical fire, according to WINK.

In 2021, the Twins drafted Adams in the sixth round. In 2023, he was assigned to the organization's affiliate team, the Wichita Wind Surge.

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