Minnie Driver Says She Wasn't Given a Wetsuit in 1998's “Hard Rain” Because 'They Wanted to See My Nipples' on Screen

The actress recalled that "people wouldn't speak to me on the set" of her 1998 movie 'Hard Rain' after she complained about unfair treatment

<p>Steve Granitz/FilmMagic; Paramount/ Everett </p> Minnie Driver and Minnie Driver in 1998

Steve Granitz/FilmMagic; Paramount/ Everett

Minnie Driver and Minnie Driver in 1998's Hard Rain

Minnie Driver is reflecting on how she was treated while making the 1998 movie Hard Rain.

While appearing on Jameela Jamil's SiriusXM podcast I Weigh with Jameela Jamil, the actress, now 54, said producers behind Hard Rain, which is set entirely during a massive rainstorm, would not allow her to wear a wetsuit as part of her character's costume.

"There were huge rain machines. We shot crazy hours. It was tough, like, it was a tough movie, but everybody else could wear a wetsuit underneath their costume," Driver said. "And I was told by the producers that I couldn't because they wanted to see my nipples, and that there was no point in having the wet T-shirt if you couldn't have what was underneath it."

Driver said she complained to her agent regarding her requests to wear a wetsuit like other actors on set (the movie also starred Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater and Randy Quaid) and that following her speaking up, "people wouldn't speak to me on the set."

Spokespersons for production companies BBC Films and Mutual Film Company did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's requests for comment.

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<p>Paramount/Everett</p> Minnie Driver in 1998's Hard Rain


Minnie Driver in 1998's Hard Rain

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"There was this kind of — I was so punished for it," Driver said on the podcast, additionally claiming that her complaints were leaked to media outlets "as if there were nothing to complain about and that I were just complaining."

"So it's this sort of — not even existential, this gaslighting, media gaslighting that's supported by the environment that you are in. And then you have to stay in that environment," she continued.

"You know, we shot that movie for seven months. So, eventually, you do turn on yourself. You do go, 'It was my fault for saying anything, you stupid big mouth. You should have shut up.' And that goes in and then alters the way in which you kind of see yourself and your natural inclination to put your hand up and go 'This isn't right.' "

Hard Rain, a heist-disaster movie that follows criminals' efforts to rob banks during a major rainstorm in India, is considered a commercial failure. It made $19 million at the domestic box office and never received an international release.

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<p>Paramount/Everett</p> Minnie Driver and Randy Quaid in 1998's Hard Rain


Minnie Driver and Randy Quaid in 1998's Hard Rain

Tuesday's podcast is not the first time Driver has spoken out about Hard Rain. She referenced the same story about not being able to wear a wetsuit in the film while speaking with the U.K.'s The Times in 2022, and noted that her speaking out about her treatment on the film's set gave her a reputation in Hollywood that she was "difficult."

“That followed me for a really long time, that whole idea of me being difficult," she said at the time. "If you stood up and said, ‘This is unacceptable,’ which I routinely did, you were vilified.”

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