'It's a Miracle': Dog and 3 Pups Rescued a Month After Turkey Quakes, Volunteers Say

A dog and her three newborn puppies were pulled from the rubble of a destroyed building in Turkey’s Hatay province on March 6, a month after devastating quakes hit the area, according to an animal rescue organization.

This footage, from a regional animal rescue team, Meyako, shows rescuers searching through the rubble of a collapsed building. The volunteers forced a door down to reach the dog, where they found three puppies. Later footage shows the dog and her puppies being taken care of at a veterinary clinic.

A volunteer at Meyako told Storyful that the dog’s name is Sila.

The state-run news outlet Anadolu Agency, citing rescuers, said the dog was found in the rubble of a collapsed building on Adnan Menderes Street in the central Antakya district of Hatay.

Meyako volunteer Görkem Agdas told the agency, “It’s a miracle! How were they able to survive 28 days? She gave birth to her little ones under the rubble. This joy, especially that of its owner, is extraordinary.”

Storyful has not confirmed if the dog was trapped in the rubble on February 6 or entered and became trapped on a later date. Credit: Meyako via Storyful