Miracle dog crosses Scotland's busiest motorway and runs four miles home after escaping groomers

Fraser with mum Kimberley and dad Kai clement
Fraser with mum Kimberley and dad Kai clement -Credit:Supplied

A miracle dog ran four miles including crossing Scotlan'd busiest motorway to get home after escaping from a groomers.

One-year-old pup Fraser bolted mid-appointment from a dog groomers in Robroyston when something spooked him and his owner Kimberley Clement got the shock of her life when he appeared in her garden in Dennistoun.

The 33-year-old had dropped the springer-doodle for his appointment at 9am on Saturday, May 11, and had been packing the car to travel to Fife later in the day when she felt two paws on the back of her legs.

The operations manager initially didn't recognising her pooch but was left 'amazed' to realise that it was an exhausted Fraser who was still soaking wet from his bath.

She told Glasgow Live : "I was stunned, I just kept thinking how has he got here. What's happened?

"I just ran inside the house to tell my husband. It's amazing that he made it back here - everyone keeps saying it's a miracle.

"He's managed to get over the M8, Alexandra Parade and Duke Street on his own without getting knocked down to get home safe within an hour and a half. He got home at around 11am I think, but he was in the garden, so he might have been sitting there for a while because he wasn't panting.

"I didn't even think it was him to start with because all I felt were two paws on my back when I was packing the car to go to Fife later in the day. He was cowered to the ground a little bit so I couldn't see his face.

"When he looked up at me the colour drained from me when I recognised it was him - I just couldn't believe it. His little tail had started wagging and you could tell he was excited to be home."

Kimberley has been ready to go pick Fraser up when her appeared. The groomers then rang to tell the news that he had run away.

She continued: "I don't blame the groomers. They told me what happened is that a client had come in and left the door open and something has spooked him and he bolted out the door.

"The groomer said that he left about the back of 9 and they had chased him for about an hour but I think he was just too fast. The woman called me at about 11.15am to say that he had ran away.

"it was quite a surreal moment because I had to say 'no he hasn't he's right here' as by that time he was sitting next to me. Thank goodness he was home before she phoned because I think I would have had a heart attack."

Kimberley suspects that Fraser may have relied on his exceptionally keen sense of smell to navigate his way to Alexandra Park, their frequent destination for daily walks. She speculates that Fraser drew upon the familiar routes and landmarks he had memorized during their outings to guide himself back home.

She added: "I checked on the maps and there is a bridge over the M8 there so I think he might have used that to cross the road after he got to the park. It's amazing that he managed to get back on his own, I was speaking to my husband about it and he said he wasn't sure if he could manage to do it without GPS."

Following his trip, Fraser was taken to the vets, where it was found that he had damaged the stopping pads on his paws. However, they will heal in time.

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