Miranda Hart’s comedy Miranda to return for fourth series

Miranda Hart at Jurassic Park Live in 2016 credit:Bang Showbiz
Miranda Hart at Jurassic Park Live in 2016 credit:Bang Showbiz

'Miranda' is returning to TV.

Miranda Hart - who last appeared as the titular character in a New Year's Day special in 2015 and took part in a cast reunion in 2020 - has revealed she's written a fourth series of her beloved sitcom and hopes fans will be pleased to see it back on screen.

The 49-year-old funnywoman said: “A lot of lovely people have kept on asking for the return of Miranda so here we are and I hope everyone likes it.”

According to The Sun newspaper, a live show based on the series is also being considered.

It is not known if the show will return to the BBC or whether it will be made for a different network.

The show was developed from Miranda’s BBC Radio Two comedy series 'Miranda Hart's Joke Shop' and made its debut on BBC Two back in 2009 before later transferring to BBC One.

It starred Miranda in the title role opposite Tom Ellis (Gary Preston), Sarah Hadland (Stevie Sutton), Sally Phillips (Tilly) and Patricia Hodge (Penny).

The show ran for three seasons until 2013 and was followed by two festive specials, which aired in 2014 and 2015.

The last installment was titled ‘The Final Curtain’ and it ended on an ambiguous note as the episode closed with the line: “I don’t know when and if I’ll see you again.”

However, the star later hinted she was thinking about reviving Miranda.

Back in November, Miranda insisted she was not “ruling out” a new series.

She said: “When you create characters like that, that you’ve lived with for a long time, they do become part of you.

"I do think of them from time to time, a bit like you would a friend that you haven’t seen for a while, ‘Oh, what would they be up to’.

“And so I’ve definitely had some thoughts of where they might be and what would happen with them all.

“The circumstances haven’t quite aligned. But it is something that I would say that I’m now not ruling out.

“Whereas a couple of years after it had finished, I completely ended it and that was that.”