Miranda Lambert mourns the loss of her two dogs: 'I’m so heartbroken'

“To love this big you have to hurt just as big. They are worth it,” the Grammy-winning country star said.

Miranda Lambert will always have a space in her heart for her late dogs, Delta Dawn and Louise. 

The “Bluebird” singer, 40, revealed in two recent Instagram posts that she’d lost both rescue dogs — whom she described as “the best and most loyal friends I have ever had” — over the course of the last six weeks. 

In her first post, Lambert explained that she’d spent the last 16 years traveling the world with Delta Dawn, a Chihuahua and pug mix, before the dog’s death on April 22. In addition to sharing a collection of videos and snapshots of Delta Dawn, Lambert recalled the fateful day that she found the adorable pup after stopping at a Sonic Drive-In restaurant in Oklahoma in 2009.

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<p>Miranda Lambert/Instagram</p> Miranda Lambert with her rescue dogs Delta Dawn and Louise

Miranda Lambert/Instagram

Miranda Lambert with her rescue dogs Delta Dawn and Louise

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“She was homeless and hungry but still full of personality. I opened my car door and she jumped in,” she wrote. “Little did I know when I was trying to just get a cherry limeade, I would meet one of the most amazing dogs I would ever know. I had about 16 years with her and she was on almost every tour I’ve ever been on. I’m honored to have met her and learned so much from her.”

In her second post, Lambert confirmed that she’d also had to say “goodbye to the fluffiest most protective gal pal I could ever ask for,” her Great Pyrenees, Louise, on June 7. She noted that she’d adopted the dog in 2016 alongside her sister Thelma, who passed away last year. 

“The first day I ever brought them to the farm in TN (they rode on the bus on a day drive from Dallas) they were right at home,” Lambert remembered. “I have mini horses, chickens and goats and I needed them for protection for the critters. And boy did they do the job. I had 7 years with Thelma who we lost last July and 8 years with this beauty. My Lou Lou polar bear. She loved it when I sang her ‘special songs’ to her.”

She noted that the Great Pyrenees, as a breed, had stolen her heart and that she hoped to “be more like” her loving, patient, and protective pooches going forward.

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She also encouraged readers to visit their local animal shelter and adopt their own dog.

“There are rescues of every kind y’all. you just have to open your heart and be ready for the love they have to give,” Lambert wrote. “So please remember this summer while you are home in your back yards with your families to consider bringing home a shelter pet to be part of those memories. They will change your life for the better.”

The Grammy-winner explained that she a passionate advocate for animal rescue because “I am blessed with the joy of having these animals” in her life every day. 

“And then some days, like today, I’m so heartbroken to have lost them,” she wrote. “To love this big you have to hurt just as big. They are worth it.”

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