'I miss it desperately!' Chrissy Metz reflects on 'life-changing' TV series This Is US

Chrissy Metz reminisces about her time on This is Us credit:Bang Showbiz
Chrissy Metz reminisces about her time on This is Us credit:Bang Showbiz

Chrissy Metz "desperately misses" being on 'This Is Us'.

The 42-year-old actress played Kate Pearson for the entire six-season run of the NBC comedy-drama series that followed about two families in different timeframes and almost exactly a year after the finale aired, explained that it was a "life-changing" job for her.

She told People: "I miss 'This Is Us' desperately. And not only was it life-changing for me, but the best people, the way that it touched people's lives and hearts and minds, it was really, really special."

Following 'This Is Us', Chrissy took on a dark role in drama movie 'Stay Awake' and went on to explain that the transition to a single story was "tricky" because she got to know her 'This is Us' character so well during its long run and had the chance to take things "one day at a time."

She added: "It's tricky when you've done something for six years because you really know the character, and even though you're still discovering more about them, you have a grasp. Whereas with a movie, you have maybe a month if you're lucky from prep to finish. And that way it's like, 'Oh boy, I wish I had more time with' whatever character you're portraying. Yeah, I mean, it's a weird transition because six years is a long time, so you just take it one day at a time. You don't always get to have one of those, let alone multiple of those. "And so I just try to be really cognizant and intentional with the projects that I'm doing."

Chrissy also explained to the outlet that she would like to do a "one-woman show" on Broadway and is hoping release her debut EP in the near futre.