Missing family dog dumped 50 miles from home is reunited with owners

Jazz, a Cocker Spaniel, has been reunited with her owners thanks to her microchip, having been found dumped in an ambulance over 50 miles from her home.

Jazz disappeared from her family home in Powys, Wales, last year. Her devastated owner, Emma Darling, 45, and her family, were determined to find Jazz.

Emma contacted Petlog, who Jazz's microchipped is recorded with, and her vets to alert them. She also put up posters, shared on social media and looked every day for Jazz for months - but heard nothing. Then, out of the blue, eight months later, a vet's practice in Wolverhampton - over 50 miles from Powys - called Emma, after a black Cocker Spaniel had been handed into them by an ambulance worker, who had discovered a dog in the back of the ambulance out on shift.

They scanned her microchip, which confirmed it was Jazz and were able to access Emma's up-to-date contact details. So Jazz was finally reunited with Emma and her family.

Emma commented: "Jazz just disappeared that day. At first we thought she had got out, but she had never done that before. The next day we started to think maybe she had been stolen as she hadn't come back."

"The first three months I literally trawled missing/stolen dog social media groups and selling sites, and shared the dog lost poster anywhere and everywhere. We were so worried about how she was being treated, whether she was being fed and if she had a dry, warm place when it was cold."

"I was determined to find Jazz. I couldn't eat and felt like my head was about to explode every day. Some days I just cried. My two daughters were so upset, it was absolutely heart-breaking. We felt so sad for so long."

Explaining how Jazz was found, Emma adds: "It turns out Jazz had been dumped in an ambulance while the crew were tending to patient. They heard a noise in the back and went to investigate, and there was Jazz."

This month marks National Microchipping Month, organised by Petlog, the UK's largest lost and found pet database, to encourage owners to microchip their pets and ensure their details are up-to-date, and keep more of the UK's much-loved pets safe.