Missing Jay Slater among 11 others to vanish in Tenerife this year

Debbie Duncan pictured with her son Jay Slater
-Credit: (Image: Facebook)

Missing Brit Jay Slater is among 11 people who have vanished in Tenerife in just six months. The 19-year-old disappeared more than a week ago on Monday, June 17.

The apprentice bricklayer had been at the three-day NRG music festival when it is understood he met two men and travelled with them to an Airbnb in a remote part of the island. He is said to have called a friend to say he was lost, needed a drink and had one per cent battery left.

His last known location has been traced to Rural del Teno, a mountainous area in the west of the island. Investigators are now said to be searching the area near a ravine where Jay's phone last 'pinged'.

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It is believed he is one of 11 missing persons cases being investigated in Tenerife this year, Mirror reports. The SOS Desaparecidos Association issues missing persons appeals on the island.

Here are the people missing in Tenerife.

Marc Francis Olbrechts

Marc Francis, said to be a Belgian national, disappeared on April 24. According to the SOS Desaparecidos Association, the 71-year-old was last seen in Adeje, in southwest Tenerife.

According to Canarian Weekly, Marc’s wife Laura Gaston was found floating off the east coast of Tenerife near Arico by a fisherman. The 66-year-old was missing one hand and both legs, while her head was covered with a plastic bag.

Three people were arrested after her death - two in Belgium and one in Tenerife. Unconfirmed reports say a car and another body were found nearby.

A friend of Laura's told Belgian newspaper 7sur7: "Neighbours saw them leaving on foot for a yoga class in the village on Monday evening. They looked happy, they were just enjoying their life on the island."

Mariel González Gutiérrez and Sebastian Cobos Gonzalez

Mariel González Gutiérrez, 27, and two-year-old Sebastian Cobos Gonzalez were reported missing in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on March 21. The SOS Desaparecidos Association said it is investigating a possible case of child abduction.

Spain's Ministry of Interiors believes Sebastian could have 'left the national territory'. Mariel is described as around 155cm tall and is a Mexican national.

Officials believe the pair could have been travelling to the country. According to El Espanol, a judge ordered the withdrawal of Sebastian's passport while his parents fought custody, with 'shared guardianship' having been agreed previously.

Natalia Belavus and Vladimir Marcella

Officials say Belarus national Natalia Belavus, 28, was reported missing, along with her son Vladimir Marcella, on March 27. The SOS Desaparecidos Association has since said they suspect the case to be 'parental abduction'.

According to Canarias 7, the pair are said to be in Belarus, having been allegedly pictured on social media since their disappearance. Vladimir's father said the 'relationship broke down' between the pair.

Marek Siedlecki

Polish national Marek was reported missing on June 14, having reportedly sailed from Fuerteventura. He was said to be heading towards Lanzarote, where he intended to fly back home.

According to Polish media, Marek was sailing his boat Nautis when he was last spotted in the water. Marek’s son Przemysław told Polsat news: "After several phone calls with experienced sailors, we suspect that the electrics and steering have failed, as a result of which the yacht is drifting without the possibility of reaching any port."

Noelia Hernandez Martin

Noelia was reported missing on January 23 from San Cristóbal de La Laguna in northern Tenerife. The SOS Desaparecidos Association says the 17-year-old is around 170cm tall and 70kg, with long, straight brown hair and brown eyes.

Marek J

Marek, 51, is said to have gone missing from Vallerhermosa, a village in La Gomera. Officials say Marek was reported missing on June 8.

They have not disclosed exactly where he was last seen. Marek is about 180cm tall and 80kg.

Rayco Garcia Diaz

The SOS Desaparecidos Association said Rayco was reported missing on March 15 in Barranco Hondo-Candelaria, in Tenerife. He was said to be driving a silver Ford KA at the time.

Officials say the 44-year-old is considered 'vulnerable'. He was wearing a black jacket and black trainers at the time of his disappearance.

Juan Cabrera Gonzalez

Juan Cabrera Gonzalez was reported missing on January 13. The 60-year-old was last seen in the municipality of La Orotava.

The SOS Desaparecidos said Juan has short grey hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a blue tracksuit with a white stripe and boots that had metal zips on.