Missing Jay Slater's family given green light by police in Tenerife as TikToker flies home

The family of missing teenager Jay Slater has been given the green light by police to use their own search and rescue teams in the hunt for him. The Guardia Civil informed Sky News that while the family must inform them of their plans "for good management of information and resources", they have yet to receive such a request.

Jay, hailing from Oswaldtwistle in Lancashire, vanished on the Spanish island on June 17. His last known whereabouts was leaving an Airbnb in the north of the island, near the village of Masca, around 8am that day.

The 19 year old's final known location was Rural de Teno Park in the north of the Canary Island approximately an 11-hour walk back to his lodgings.

The official land search was called off by police on June 30, but Jay's mother Debbie Duncan and her family have vowed to remain on the island to continue the search.

The family told Sky News they plan to use funds from the GoFundMe page, which has amassed nearly £50,000 following Jay's disappearance, to hire specialist search and rescue teams - pending approval from authorities, reports the Manchester Evening News.

Today's (Friday) clarification from the Guardia Civil follows a dispute between the family and TikToker Callum Fahim, who travelled to Tenerife to assist in the search for Jay but later withdrew after receiving death threats.

Volunteers and police search for Jay Slater before the operation was called off by the Guardia Civil
Volunteers and police search for Jay Slater on Tenerife before the operation was called off by the Guardia Civil -Credit:Stan Kujawa for Reach

Callum alleges he has not received any of the money raised from the GoFundMe page and intends to return to the UK after spending two weeks in Spain.

He remarked: "I haven't had anything from the GoFundMe. We have not had a bit of essentials paid for."

"I've never had any money from them whatsoever or even offers to go and pick anything up. If they had offered it, personally I would've said maybe a bit of a treat at the end of the week, but don't worry about it."

In an interview with Sky News, Callum explained that he covered his own travel expenses to Tenerife and after discussing the situation with Jay's mother, Debbie Duncan, he stated: "It's getting very out of control. The situation here is very dangerous at the moment."

"I have had death threats. I had a long conversation with her [Ms Duncan] and decided I'm withdrawing."

He also mentioned that neither he nor his group has received any portion of the funds collected through a GoFundMe campaign, despite a statement from the family indicating that he and another TikToker, Paul Arnott, had been supported by the fundraiser.

Jay's family told Sky News that Debbie Duncan had given Callum £740 from her own pocket to help with accommodation costs, but relations soured when further financial support was denied.

"We appreciate every single person who's come out," the family expressed gratitude.

They added a crucial point: "He's a hiker. We don't need hikers, we need experts."