Missing Labrador found in 15ft hole in Peak District by another dog

Lost Labrador Gracie was spotted by Border Collie cross Lottie on Monday.

Both dogs reunited after the rescue. (SWNS)
Both dogs reunited after the rescue. (SWNS)

A Labrador which got lost for 24 hours in the Peak District was eventually rescued after being found down a 15ft hole by another dog.

Gracie, eight, was being taken for a walk on marshland near Kinder Scout when her 41-year-old owner Guy Beggs lost sight of her in poor weather on Monday.

Guy, from Warrington, Cheshire, searched well into the night for his beloved pet but had no luck finding her.

Gracie was eventually found by Border Collie cross Lottie, brought out by her owner to help in the search.

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The pothole Gracie fell down in the Peak District (red circle). (SWNS)
The pothole Gracie fell down in the Peak District (red circle). (SWNS)
The dogs after the rescue. (SWNS)
The dogs after the rescue. (SWNS)

Dad-of-one Guy, who works in engineering, said: "When we found her, I got so emotional I broke down in tears, I was just so relieved.”

Guy put out an appeal on social media - which sparked a full-scale rescue mission involving people from as far as Manchester, Bolton and Leeds.

Unbeknown to Guy, Gracie had plunged down a 4.5 metre deep pothole just yards away from the track they had been walking along.

Susan Jones, 50, of Derby, joined the hunt with her dog Lottie and her friend Lynn Baker, 59.

While the pair stopped for a drinks break, four-year-old Lottie began sniffing in shrubbery near the path before finding the hole where Gracie had fallen in.

Guy and another volunteer abseiled down using a makeshift rope made out of dog leads to bring her back to safety after more than 23 hours.

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The two dogs after the rescue. (SWNS)
The dogs look like they've formed a bond. (SWNS)

Guy added: “I posted an appeal on a Facebook hiking group and within an hour there was 10,000 shares.

"There's a local canine search group called K9 Search and Rescue and they came down with a thermal heating drone.

"The amount of support we got was amazing. We got to 9/10pm that evening and we had to head back.

“We even had an ex-navy guy come, and we went out and covered 12 miles in and around the bog land. It was incredible the help we got."

Susan, who works as a teacher, said she was “amazed' by her hero dog's heroics.

She said: “She stuck her head in this bush and I called her and she wouldn’t come back.

“I pulled her back and there was a very deep hole. I lay on the ground and there was two little eyes looking up at me.”