Mitsubishi Trademark Filings May Point to a New Montero

mitsubishi motors north america unveils momentum 2030 business plan
Mitsubishi Looks Ahead with New Models PlannedMitsubishi
  • Mitsubishi revealed a five-year plan involving the brand's electrification efforts along with new and refreshed models.

  • The automaker plans to release one new or completely refreshed model each fiscal year from 2026 to 2030, with two of the new models arriving in segments Mitsubishi does not currently compete in.

  • The brand also plans to expand its dealer market scope while adding new hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric vehicles to its range.

UPDATE 5/31/24: Trademark filings Mitsubishi registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) may preview the brand reviving historical nameplates such as Montero and Colt. As of February 20, 2024, Mitsubishi registered an international Class 12 trademark for the name "Montero." As of March 12, 2024, the brand has applied for another Class 12 trademark, this time for the "Lancer Sportback." While Mitsubishi's five-year plan doesn't appear to leave room for a return of the Lancer sedan, the nameplate could return as a crossover—as the brand previously did with the Eclipse and Eclipse Cross.

Mitsubishi won't have to stress the next time someone asks "Where do you see yourself in five years?" Following a meeting with its national dealership group, Mitsubishi revealed a new five-year plan called "Mitsubishi Motors Momentum 2030" that outlines electrification, a growing vehicle lineup, and an expanded retail market.

According to the brand, Momentum 2030 is defined by four key points: creating a path towards electrification, refreshing and expanding Mitsubishi's North American lineup, modernizing the sales model, and expanding the sales network. Given that the first two points work hand-in-hand and are more product-focused, we're more concerned with them.

Two New Markets

Part of Mitsubishi's path towards electrification has already been revealed. Back in March, the brand announced a series of new vehicles to be produced in partnership with Nissan, including a new EV, and a jointly developed mid-size pickup truck to be built in Mexico.

mitsubishi dx delica concept
Mitsubishi D:X ConceptMitsubishi

The brand currently sells one PHEV in the form of the Outlander Hybrid, though that model suffers from an outdated CHAdeMO charging port meaning you might struggle to find reliable local fast-charging. During the dealer meeting earlier this week, Mark Chaffin, Mitsubishi Motors North America president and CEO, explained how Momentum 2030 hinges on the brand adding hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and battery electric vehicles.

The automaker plans to release one new or completely refreshed model each fiscal year between 2026 and 2030, doubling the size of the existing lineup. According to Chaffin, two of the new models enter segments that Mitsubishi doesn't currently occupy in North America. One of those will almost certainly be the mid-size pickup it's building in collaboration with Nissan. The other new model appears to be a production version of the D:X Delica van which could come to the U.S. market. We're here for that.

This story was originally published May 17, 2024.

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