For ‘mob rule’, Rishi Sunak, look no further than your cabinet

<span>Rishi Sunak addresses the Commons at Wednesday’s PMQs.</span><span>Photograph: Maria Unger/PA</span>
Rishi Sunak addresses the Commons at Wednesday’s PMQs.Photograph: Maria Unger/PA

Rishi Sunak suggests “mob rule is replacing democratic rule” (Report, 28 February). It’s refreshing for a prime minister to be so critical of his own government, but surely he is being unfair to mobs? Any self-respecting mob has more organisation than the present cabinet.
Alan Gray
Brighton, East Sussex

• I have contacted ITV to urge it to rebroadcast the docudrama Breathtaking (TV review, 19 February) during the upcoming general election campaign. This devastating reminder should be at the forefront of minds when voting. We must never forget what they all did – the good, the bad and the corrupt.
Clive Needle
Rowhedge, Essex

• With regard to ending sentences with prepositions (Pass Notes, 28 February), I like the story of the child who asks his Australian nanny at bedtime: “What did you bring that book I don’t like to be read to out of from down under up for?”
James Caird
Caynham, Shropshire

• I am reminded of a joke in the grammar textbook I suffered with in school some 65 years ago. Two grammarians are involved in an accident and one of them appears to be fatally injured. “Fred, Fred,” he cries. “I’m done for!” “Don’t say that!” Fred replies. “Don’t end your last sentence with a preposition.”
Ted Forgan

• Re long call waiting times to talk to HMRC (Report, 28 February), try contacting British Gas. When I tried to talk to it online last December, I was 602nd in line. I gave up.
Terry Miles
Bournemouth, Dorset

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