Molly Ringwald Knows What Ryan Murphy Role She Wants to Take on Next: “Psycho B****”

Molly Ringwald stars in Ryan Murphy’s Feud: Capote Vs. The Swans as Joanne Carson, who became one of Truman Capote’s closest friends after her divorce from Johnny Carson. Now that Ringwald has completed the FX limited series, and after previously collaborating with Murphy on Netflix’s Dahmer, she’s already thinking about what type of role she’d like to take on if she works with the prolific showrunner again.

During Ringwald’s interview on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Tuesday, the host pointed out that the Sixteen Candles alum plays a “kind person” in Feud, as she did in Dahmer. “I think nobody has ever had a two-Ryan-Murphy-show streak of playing a nice person,” Meyers said. He then asked, “Do you have a dream if you collaborated with him again of what you would be cast as?”

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“Yes,” Ringwald responded. “I would like to play a psycho bitch.” Concerned over using foul language on the air, the Breakfast Club alum checked with the host, “Am I allowed to say that on this show?” Meyers showed his support, responding, “Not only are you allowed to say it, you’re allowed to play it.”

Meyers added, “I feel like Mr. Murphy, as you know, [it’s] one of his many strengths. He writes a great psycho bitch.” Ringwald agreed, saying, “Yeah, I would be thrilled to play something other than a nice person. Although I’m really flattered, and I think it’s really nice that clearly he thinks that I’m a nice person. But it would be fun to play something against type.”

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