'Mom, the Jeep is Gone!' Deadly Mudslides Gush Past Family's San Bernardino Home

A powerful storm hit Forest Falls, California, on September 12, creating mudslides and causing large boulders to race downhill, according to the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office.

Jessica Richey filmed the terrifying moment mud and debris gushed past her family’s home.

“Are you sure we’re all ok?” a man asks in the video.

“Mom… the Jeep is gone!” Richey’s son exclaims in shock.

“Do we have a car outside the driveway?” Richey says. “Oh…”

Video filmed on the family’s doorbell camera shows a green Jeep being swept down the driveway in the deluge.

A fundraising campaign was set up to help the Richey family purchase a generator, groceries and cleaning products.

The storm was a result of Tropical Storm Kay passing by off the Southern California coast and pushing heavy amounts of moisture inland, media reported.

Officials said on Friday a 62-year-old woman was found dead under several feet of mud, rock and debris from the Forest Falls storm. Credit: Jessica Richey via Storyful

Video transcript

- Do we have the car down the driveway? You OK, Victoria? Come down here, please.

- You sure we're OK? My God!

- Please put it down. You guys.

- Mom!

- What?

- The jeep is gone!