Mom Of Missing, Murdered Teen Wants Justice For Other Black And Brown Girls

As police continue to find the dismembered body parts of a 19-year-old Wisconsin college student, her mother is speaking out about her killing.

“I never expected this to pull up on my front door,” Sheena Scarbrough, the mother of Sade Carleena Robinson, told host Nancy Grace on Wednesday’s episode of her “Crime Stories” podcast. “This isn’t normal. This is a 2024 Jeffrey Dahmer.”

Scarbrough said she last spoke to her daughter on Easter Sunday when she visited family. The next day, April 1, Robinson went on a first date with 31-year-old Maxwell Anderson at a Milwaukee bar where he’d previously worked, according to a criminal complaint obtained by HuffPost.

Wisconsin college student Sade Robinson, 19, is thought to have been killed and dismembered after meeting with someone at a local bar.
Wisconsin college student Sade Robinson, 19, is thought to have been killed and dismembered after meeting with someone at a local bar. GoFundMe

Robinson was reported missing by a friend on April 2, after not returning any calls or showing up to work, the complaint said. That same day, authorities found her car engulfed in flames, but were able to retrieve clothes she was wearing the night of her disappearance and remnants of her iPhone. They also found what they believed to be Robinson’s severed leg.

On April 4, law enforcement officers raided Anderson’s home and found blood on his bedding and the walls of his home, leading towards his basement. Anderson was arrested on suspicion of killing Robinson and mutilating her body.

In the interview with Grace, Scarbrough said she needs the person responsible for her daughter’s death to be held accountable for the crime. She said she plans to advocate for other missing young women of color.

“I need justice for Sade. There have been many Black and brown girls that have been gone missing in Milwaukee for a moment and all of them are gonna be held accountable now,” Scarbrough said.

According to data by Columbia University, Black women in the U.S. are six times more likely to be murdered than their white peers. The research found that “the greatest disparity in homicide rates was in Wisconsin in 2019-2020, when Black women were 20 times more likely to be murdered than white women.”

Since Anderson’s arrest, authorities have continued to find more of Robinson’s body parts strewn throughout Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday they had located a torso and arm on a beach along Lake Michigan that they believe belonged to Robinson.

“They messed with the wrong family,” Scarbrough said. “We’re gonna call all of them out, and we’re gonna speak for the whole community, ’cause I’m not about to sit down, and I’m not about to sit still on this one.”