Mom sparks family debate with her ‘completely fair’ punishment decision: ‘He doesn’t deserve a phone’

A mom is struggling to find the appropriate punishment for her son.

She posted in Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. Her 11-year-old son Zach deleted her 9-year-old daughter’s video game progress. The mom took her son’s phone away in response, but Zach and her husband think she went too far.

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“Lizzie LOVES the video game Minecraft, and has played it nearly every day since we bought it for her on Xbox for her 8th birthday,” the mom wrote. “Two days ago, she was playing downstairs and Zach asked if he could play with her. Lizzie didn’t let him play even though we have two Xbox controllers, and Zach was very angry for not letting her play.”

The next morning, the mom heard Lizzie screaming and crying downstairs.

“She always wakes up early to play. Her world with all of her creations is gone, and she told us between sobs that she can’t get it back, and she thinks that Zach deleted it last night,” the mom said.

She confronted Zach about the issue, and the 11-year-old smugly confessed.

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“I took my son’s brand new phone away (we had just bought it for him this month for his birthday),” she explained. “My son is acting like this is the end of the world.”

The trouble is her husband believes “that taking away his phone is going too far” and that Lizzie losing her game is no big deal.

Redditors thought the mom was being fair.

“This honestly seems like a completely fair punishment,” a user wrote.

“He doesn’t deserve a phone yet as he is obviously too immature and not ready for it,” another said.

“This child needs so much more consequences than a revoked phone,” a user added.

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