Moment Charles Bronson dances naked outside cell as he taunts prison officers

Moment Charles Bronson dances naked outside cell as he taunts prison officers

Newly unearthed CCTV footage captures a naked Charles Bronson dancing in front of 15 police officers before being bundled to the ground.

The video, released as part of Channel 4 documentary Bronson: Fit To Be Free?, captures the notorious criminal taunting prison guards before being sprayed with tear gas and thrown to the floor.

Dubbed “the most violent prisoner in Britain”, Bronson has been behind bars for much of the last 50 years, often spending time in solitary confinement or specialist units. He changed his name to Salvador in 2014, after the artist Salvador Dali.

It is believed that he is currently being held at high-security HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes.

In 2000, Bronson was sentenced to a discretionary life term with a minimum of four years for taking a prison teacher at HMP Hull hostage for 44 hours. Since then, the Parole Board has repeatedly refused to direct his release.

The release of the two-part documentary comes just days before Bronson faces a public Parole Board hearing on March 6 and 8, which will determine whether he is fit for release.

In footage from the documentary released earlier this week, he can be seen video calling his son George Bamby from his maximum security cell.

On the prospect of his parole review, Bronson tells his son that he is not the same man he was when he first entered prison.

“I’ve got a horrible, nasty, vicious, violent past (but) I’ve never killed anyone, I’ve never harmed a woman, never harmed a child,” he said.

“I’m focused, I’m settled, I can actually smell and taste freedom like I’ve never, ever done in (my) life. I’m now anti-crime, anti-violent.”

The documentary also contains footage of Bronson taking art teacher Phil Danielson hostage with a homemade spear.

Mr Danielson said of the experience: “He grabbed me round the neck and he hit me in the face and I got lots of verbals: You’re gonna die, you’re gonna f*****g die.’

“I kept absolutely quiet. I thought: ‘I’m going to die now. What’s he going to do? How’s he going to do it?’

“Charlie then went down on one knee to jab the knife into my rips. I could feel the point against my shirt.

“He said: ‘Take your last breath because this knife is going in you.’”

Bronson previously said he was first sent to jail in 1968 and has held 11 hostages in nine different sieges – with victims including governors, doctors, staff and, on one occasion, his own solicitor.

Episode Two of the documentary will air at 9pm on Tuesday evening.