Moment Kate Middleton 'proved' she would be our future Queen

Prince William and Princess Kate riding bicycles
The moment that 'proved' Kate Middleton was destined to be Queen is still fresh in the minds of royal followers -Credit:No credit

The moment that 'proved' Kate Middleton was destined to be Queen is still fresh in the minds of royal followers. In a fortnight, the Prince and Princess of Wales will mark their 13th wedding anniversary, a union that had been anticipated long before William proposed.

Speculation about their engagement was rife from the early days of their relationship, yet William resisted public expectation, waiting seven years before asking for Kate's hand in marriage, reports the Mirror.

Despite the delay in their nuptials, there was a decisive moment that convinced royal commentators of Kate's future role. It occurred in December 2006 at William's Sandhurst graduation, where Kate was in attendance alongside her parents.

Journalist Rebecca English, speaking on Channel 5's documentary 'William and Kate: Too Good To Be True', recalled the pivotal day: "We hadn't expected Kate and her family to turn up, and myself and a number of photographers and journalists were all standing on a press stand together," she said. "Suddenly out of the corner of my eye we saw Kate and her mother and father being ushered down to the front of the seating. I remember turning to the person next to me and saying that's it, it's a done deal. This woman is going to be our future Queen."

Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter commented on the speculation surrounding Prince William and Kate Middleton's relationship, saying: "Suddenly the engagement whispers were starting. There was intense pressure on William and Kate, and short of printing the tea towels, everyone had these two walking down the aisle imminently."

The couple made their relationship public at their university graduation, just before Prince William embarked on his military service.

Daily Mail editor-at-large Richard Kay reflected on the early days of their romance: "There were lots of pictures of Kate and William. There was huge interest in this very bubbly brunette from Berkshire. It was really a warning of what was to come."

Victoria Arbiter further noted the significance of their graduation day: "Graduation for William and Kate, it really was their last moment in that protective bubble. I think perhaps they might have both been a bit naive about what was to come. William understood how the media works but Kate would have had no idea what it meant to be on the receiving end."

Prince William famously asked for Kate's hand in marriage in 2010 during a trip to Kenya. They stayed at a lodge on Lake Rutundu, which William chose as the ideal location to propose.

Royal author Katie Nicholl recounted the day of the proposal, noting that the couple spent it unsuccessfully fishing for rainbow trout before returning to their log cabin retreat.

The specialist confirmed that Prince William led Kate to the veranda where he eagerly popped the question. Kate, without hesitation, accepted before leaving a heartfelt message in the lodge's guestbook, ahead of their departure.

She penned: "Thank you for such a wonderful 24 hours! Sadly no fish to be found but we had fun trying. I love the warm fires and candlelights - so romantic. Hope to be back soon, Catherine Middleton."

Meanwhile, William wrote: "20th-21st October 2010. Such fun to be back! Brought more clothes this time! Looked after so well. Thank you guys! Look forward to next time, soon I hope."