Moment police drag Extinction Rebellion protesters along the ground at Oxford Circus

Katy Clifton

This is the moment two climate change protesters were dragged along the street by police in Oxford Circus.

Footage taken on Friday shows two protesters being dragged along the tarmac amid efforts by police to clear the busy junction in central London, which has now been blocked for six days.

One police officer can be seen in the footage dragging a blonde protester down the street at such a speed that he lost his balance and fell on the concrete beside her.

Another officer then helps move the woman behind the police cordon as a male protester in a red shirt can be seen being dragged by his arm and belt.

Scotland Yard said protesters were told to leave Oxford Circus and go to Marble Arch, but some "decided not to go and obstructed officers in the course of their duties".

"The response by officers has been proportionate in order to facilitate their removal," a spokesman said.

Police officers in Oxford Circus (Extinction Rebellion)

But the actions of police were slammed as excessive by an Extinction Rebellion spokesman, who called the footage a "barbaric display of police brutality".

The group added: "We have always been, are and will always be non-violent. This aggression from the police against our peaceful Rebels in London is inexcusable. Do they not know that we are rebelling for their families and loved ones also."

The footage comes as protesters continue to demonstrate for a sixth day across the capital.

In a week of disruption, climate change protesters have glued themselves to a train, blocked major roads and bridges and protested at Heathrow Airport.

Extinction Rebellion has pledged to continue causing disruption until its demands, including the Government declaring a climate change emergency, are met.

Scotland Yard has now said more than 715 people have been arrested in connection with the climate change protests and 28 people have been charged.

The force condemned the ongoing disruption and warned that the arrests made during the week are putting police resources, including cell space, under strain.

In a further warning to demonstrators, Scotland Yard said: "We continue to liaise with the protesters - if you want to protest go to Marble Arch. There are conditions imposed on the other locations and you will be arrested."