Moment predator teacher Rebecca Joynes' jaw drops as police arrest her for sex with schoolboys

This is the moment a predator teacher's jaw drops as she is told she is being arrested for having sex with two teenage boys.

Rebecca Joynes appears calm as she welcomes two police officers into her flat, having already been suspended from her job at school. The footage was captured on a police officers bodycam and you can hear her speaking throughout the video.

Today Joynes, 30, wept in the dock at Manchester Crown Court as she was sentenced to six-and-a-half years with a judge telling her she had "abused trust" and exploited her role "for your sexual gratification".

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In the footage, the police officers from Greater Manchester Police arrive at Joynes' home and the one officer says: "Hi, we're looking for Rebecca", to which Joynes replies: "Yeah that's me".

The officers then follow Joynes into her living area, with her kitchen to one side and a dining table to the other. A dog can also be heard whimpering in the background.

As she stands in the middle of the room with a sofa behind her one of the officers says: "I'm not sure if you know what's going on, but my colleague has just got something she needs to say to you," reports the Mirror.

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His colleague, wearing the bodycam, then says: "So obviously given what's happened, I know you've been sent home from school today, you are under arrest at the moment on suspicion of sexual activity with a child."

As the officer continues to read out the caution, Joynes' mouth drops open and she can be seen looking over at the policeman and asking: "Are you serious?"

The officer then explains that it was necessary to arrest her to "protect the vulnerable" and for a "prompt and effective investigation". Joynes was later charged with six counts of sexual activity with a child, two of which while in a position of trust.

She stood trial and was found guilty on all charges by a jury of seven men and five women. During the trial, the court heard how Joynes had a baby with one of the teenagers, which was taken away from her just hours after birth. She now sees the child only three times a week.

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The former teacher was also accused of a "naked attempt to garner sympathy" from the jury by having a pink baby's bonnet visibly tucked into her trousers during her court appearances. After the verdict, Jane Wilson, Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West, said: "Rebecca Joynes is a sexual predator. Joynes was entrusted with the responsibility of teaching and safeguarding children.

"She abused her position to groom and ultimately sexually exploit schoolboys. Her behaviour has had a lasting impact on them.

"The CPS worked with Greater Manchester Police to build a strong case to put before the jury, including eyewitness testimony, phone evidence showing the messages sent by Joynes and CCTV footage. I would like to thank the victims for supporting the prosecution. Joynes will now face the consequences of her actions."

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