Moment sword-wielding murder suspect tasered on driveway following Hainault stabbings

Moment sword-wielding murder suspect tasered on driveway following Hainault stabbings

Dramatic footatge shows a murder suspect being cornered and tasered by police officers after a 14 year-old boy died following a series of stabbings in London.

Four others were injured in the attack in Hainult, east London, whilst the suspect is also in hospital after sustaining injuries when his van hit a house the Metropolitan Police confirmed tonight.

Two of the force's officers suffered wounds that require surgery, with their injuries described by the Met as “significant” but not life-threatening. Injuries sustained by two members of the public are also not deemed to be life-threatening.

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A 36 year-old man was arrested at the scene but has not yet been interviewed because of his injuries, the force said. Video obtained by the Press Association captured the suspect being cornered and tasered by officers on a residential driveway.

It shows how officers shout at the suspect, saying "Don't move, don't f****** move", after he is brought to the ground by three separate Taser discharges.

Hainault incident
Footage from a doorbell camera shows police officers tasering a sword-wielding man in Hainault -Credit:PA Wire/PA Images

Wearing a yellow hooded top, the suspect can be seen climbing over a fence on to a driveway to the backdrop of police sirens. Clutching a sword in his right hand, he makes his way across the driveway as officers step out of a nearby marked car.

One officer can be heard shouting "Stay where you are" as his colleagues appear to split up and corner the suspect. The suspect can be seen holding his left arm up in defence as one Taser is discharged. The same officer discharges their Taser again, as a female officer can then be seen discharging her Taser at the suspect.

Footage then shows seven officers swarm around the suspect, with three brandishing truncheons and the two officers with Tasers still pointing them at him.

A male officer then shouts "Don't move, don't f****** move" as they attempt to retrieve the weapon from the suspect. The words "Suspect contained" are then heard as a female officer pulls the sword away from the man.

The man was detained by officers and arrested on suspicion of murder -Credit:PA
The man was detained by officers and arrested on suspicion of murder -Credit:PA

Armed officers then race to assist those already apprehending him, before one man shouts "Suspect secure, suspect secure". The suspect is then told "You are under arrest for murder" just over a minute after officers attempted to apprehend him.

Speaking at a press conference near the scene this evening, Chief Superintendent Stuart Bell, said: “You will be aware that a serious incident occurred here at this location this morning. Police and ambulance services were called and deployed to a number of casualties.

“It is with great sadness that I confirm one of those injured in the incident, a 14-year-old boy, has died from their injuries. He was taken to hospital after being stabbed and sadly died a short while after. The child’s family are being supported firstly by my local officers and now with some specialist officers.”

Four others were injured in the attack -Credit:Getty Images
Four others were injured in the attack -Credit:Getty Images

Mr Bell refused to be drawn on claims the suspect had been previously arrested. He said: “I’m not going to be commenting on any of those questions other than the information that I’ve released. We will share that information when we feel it’s appropriate and when we know the answers.”

A neighbour from nearby Laing Close, who witnessed the attacks, said he could “not stop envisioning the boy’s face”. James Fernando, 39, said the suspect had asked one of his neighbours to “take the telephone from him to tell whoever was on the phone his location."

“Within two seconds after that she’s realised something isn’t right, started running and he’s pulled a samurai sword from the back of his trouser. She’s shouted to the other neighbour – a Nigerian boy who was on his way to school.

A police officer guards a cordon outside a house
A police officer guards a cordon outside a house -Credit:Getty Images

“As he’s turned around, he’s struck him on the face… he was dead on the spot. It’s quite traumatising now. I can’t stop envisioning the boy’s face.”

Speaking about what he saw of the suspect, Mr Fernando said: “He was running around, still after the police officers came, with the sword in his hand looking for victims.”

Another witness, who asked not to be named, said he heard shrieks and screams following the incident. He said he saw a man dressed in yellow jumping over fences from his back window and heard someone shout “He’s got a massive knife."

His words follow footage shared on social media of a man in the area dressed in a yellow hooded jumper brandishing a large knife in his right hand.

Chief Superintendent Stuart Bell reads a statement to the media near the scene -Credit:PA
Chief Superintendent Stuart Bell reads a statement to the media near the scene -Credit:PA

Other footage showed the suspect being chased by police as an officer is heard shouting “Lock your doors” as the sword-wielding man entered residential gardens.

Officers could be heard yelling “Come here”, “Come this way” and “Drop the sword” at the suspect, who could be seen climbing on top of an outbuilding and dropping into a garden.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak described the incident as “shocking”, adding: “Such violence has no place on our streets." A Buckingham Palace spokesman said the King’s “thoughts and prayers are with all those affected” by the “horrific” stabbings, adding: “In particular, the family of the young victim who has lost his life.”