‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ VFX Breakdown Shows How Godzilla Came to TV | Exclusive Video

“Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” feels like a true feat. It’s the first live-action show to feature Godzilla, which is incredible enough, but it also weaves several narrative arcs, over parallel timelines, while also explaining how Monarch, the mysterious, monster-hunting government organization, came to be. A new visual effects breakdown, courtesy of VFX supervisor Sean Konrad, will make you appreciate all the hard work and artistry that went into this Apple TV+ series. Watch it above.

And, while, yes, there is a ton of creature-focused stuff in this clip, particularly for the awe-inspiring moment when Godzilla wakes up from a deep slumber, it also highlights just how much else went into the series – from set extensions to entirely crafted environments to things like gooey humans, water effects, atmospheric effects, digital doubles and whole shots that were created inside the computer. It’s insanely impressive that Konrad and his team were able to accomplish so much, especially within the time and budget constraints of television (even prestige streaming television).

If you haven’t watched “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters,” it stars Anna Sawai as a young woman who meets her long, lost half-brother (Ren Watabe) after her father dies. Together, they try to piece his life together, particularly as it relates to Monarch. Kurt Russell, playing one of the founding members of Monarch, offers to help. And together they go on a globe-trotting adventure that involves multiple monsters and plenty of intrigue. All of this is intercut with the Monarch origin story, with Wyatt Russell, Kurt’s real-life son, playing the younger version of the character. It’s so much fun and really gets you invested in the human characters, which is pretty amazing.

“Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” is part of Legendary’s Monsterverse, which also includes features like the recent smash “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.” “Monarch” was recently renewed for a second season, with Apple and Legendary also announcing the show will inspire spin-offs that will stream on Apple TV+. We can’t wait. The legacy is just beginning.

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