Monty Don describes 'breakfast of gods' and his healthy morning routine

The gardening expert has advised fans not to get rid of old sink water
Gardening expert Monty Don has shared his breakfast routine -Credit:BBC/Glenn Dearing/Geffrye Museum

Monty Don, the beloved gardening guru and presenter of the BBC's Gardeners' World, has shared his perfect start to the day from his idyllic Herefordshire home, Longmeadow. His tranquil mornings begin with a nourishing breakfast and a stroll through the dewy grass, engaging in a morning routine that feeds both his physical and spiritual well-being.

In a conversation with The Times, Monty disclosed that he rises "always wakes early, with the light" and begins his day with a pint of warm water straight from the Aga, which according to Healthline, can help with congestion, digestion, stress relief, and warming up the body. Following a 30-minute session of outdoor yoga, the 68-year-old horticulturalist savours a delightful breakfast featuring freshly picked rhubarb, if it's in season.

Monty, who considers himself a morning person, finds breakfast particularly thrilling. Speaking on the BBC, Monty revealed his fondness for a simple yet divine combination: "I think rhubarb just lightly stewed with yogurt, is a breakfast of gods".

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He enjoys this luscious stewed fruit over a bed of thick yoghurt. His morning feast doesn't stop there; it's further enriched with a variety of homegrown delights, reports the Express.

The Times previously reported Monty's morning routine in which he shared: "I really enjoy breakfast and often have yoghurt with fruit from the garden and honey from our bees. Or I might have eggs from our chickens with homegrown chillies. I have lots of strong tea - I'm perfectly happy with PG Tips."

Monty, known for his love of marmalade, often indulges in a slice of toast covered in the tangy orange spread. However, he avoids gluten due to his wife Sarah being coeliac, making the couple opt for gluten-free alternatives.

After a hearty breakfast comes Monty's beloved gardening sessions. His private garden, spread across a few acres, is where one can find him post-breakfast.

The well-known host of Gardeners' World confessed like most individuals, he has a mid-morning coffee break around 11am. This is particularly true on BBC shoot days. Accordingly, Monty emphasised this represents his "single cup of coffee a day", relishing it "large and strong".