Monty Don inundated with support after reflecting on heartbreaking loss

Monty Don
Monty Don (Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock)

Monty Don has been inundated with heartfelt messages after the Gardeners' World presenter reflected on a devastating personal loss.

Sharing a photo of his beloved Jack Russell Terrier dog Barry, who sadly died in 2019, the broadcaster and gardener explained to his followers how his late pet was an enormous character in their family home.

Addressing his fans directly, he began: "Some of you may remember Barry. He died five years ago and is now buried in the coppice next to Nigel."

Monty Don's late Jack Russell Terrier, Barry
Monty Don's late Jack Russell Terrier, Barry (Instagram)

Monty added: "But for 15 years, he was a huge character and a central part of the household. This was taken in 2008 when he was 5 and in his prime."

Fans of the television presenter are more than aware that Monty's dogs play a huge role not just in his family's day-to-day life but they also make regular appearances on his social media and his BBC flagship programme, Gardeners' World.

Therefore, followers who interacted with Monty's post on his Instagram remembered the dog from some years ago and were keen to share their thoughts and memories of Barry. 

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"I remember him he was very much like my boy who I lost in March last year. We never forget them just learn to live with our losses," wrote one follower.

Another agreed: "They will never be forgotten. Barry was lovely," as a third added: "I remember, a lovely doggy." A fourth simply put: "Thanks for sharing Barry."

Monty's openness with his heartbreaking loss is certainly relatable for his followers and despite coping with the sad deaths, the presenter is always open about memories of his pets who have passed on.

Monty Don's dog Nell sat in his living room
Monty's don Nell who sadly passed in 2023 (Instagram)

At the end of 2023, Monty said goodbye to his beloved golden retriever, Nell, who passed away after being diagnosed with cancer.

In a statement shared online, the gardener explained: "I was going to tell you about my new book which is published next week but that can wait because my lovely dear Nell died last night.

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Monty Don cuddling two of his dogs at home
Monty adores his pets (Instagram)

"She was diagnosed with cancer in June and every day this summer has been a gift but it is over now. We buried her in the garden next to Nigel wrapped in one of my jackets with flowers, balls and her favourite biscuits.

"Her end was peaceful and dignified and ended obvious suffering but it never gets any easier to bear. So life goes on, but for the moment we are very, very sad."

Monty is the proud owner of his other dogs, Ned, Patti and Peggy.