Moonpig slammed over ‘distressing’ I’m A Celebrity Nella Rose card

Moonpig has come under fire over producing a birthday card appearing to mock I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! contestant Nella Rose.

The company recently released the card with the 26-year-old YouTuber’s face on it - which many fans believe appears to undermine the YouTube star following her argument with a fellow campmate.

On the card was a cartoon version of Rose with text in bold that said: “I’m really offended that it is your birthday.”

The card did not go down well with many fans as some have come forward to say they will never be using the company’s services again.

One user wrote on X/Twitter: “Never touching Moonpig again. Do you know how distressing it is that a whole Nigel Farage is on I’m a celeb yet the British public have more smoke for a black woman who acted out of line due to grief rather than a man who has incited racism/Islamophobia his whole life.”

Another added: “I will NEVER use Moonpig ever again, they’ll wait for a few more hours before they put an apologetic statement so they can garner as much traffic to their website as they can. @MoonpigUK you’re bums.”

One fan said it was “disappointing” adding: “You can think Nella overreacted/misunderstood Fred but absolutely no need to mock how she processes grief for a cheap laugh.”

While some claimed that the card with simply “racist”.

“Sooner or later Moonpig will come out with their ‘apology’ about that Nella Rose card, this is how racism in the UK works, they put out racist material, they’re called out and then post a poor excuse of an ‘apology’ in the hope that people will ‘forgive, forget and move on,’” a user wrote.

Rose’s time in the jungle has not been an easy one as she was recently rushed to the medic after suffering from a snake bite.

But her clash with Fred Sirieix is the moment that seems to have had a lasting impression on many viewers.

The young influencer fell out with the First Dates host after he made a comment that he was old enough to be her father, which she did not take well.

Moonpigs latest release - that is no longer on the website - seems to be mimicking the incident between Rose and Sirieix.

During an episode which aired on Tuesday 21 November, the two butted heads over a perceived slight about Rose’s late father.

The online content creator expressed her distaste for a comment the First Dates maître d’ made in reference to his age.

While Sirieix was preparing food for the campmates’ dinner, he batted off compliments that he wasn’t “old” at age 51 by comparing his age to Nella’s. “Yeah, but I’m not 26 anymore, am I? I could be your dad,” he reasoned. “No, my dad was way older than you,” Rose replied, to which Sirieix stated: “Yeah, but I could still be your dad.”

In a confessional segment to camera the following day, Rose explained that she felt bothered by Sirieix’s comment, and believed it to be an example of him disrespecting her.

“I didn’t say anything last night because I was kind of just annoyed about it. So, I slept on it, and I kind of thought about it and I was just like, ‘This is not the kind of person I want to be around,” she said at the time.

The Independent has contacted Moonpig for a comment.