Moose Charges Snowmobiler on Idaho Trail

An outdoorsman captured the terrifying moment a moose charged at his brother while they were snowmobiling on a trail in Palisades, Idaho, on March 2.

Jeremiah David Bigelow recorded this video capturing the moment the animal charged his sibling, who was thankfully able to jump out of the way. Bigelow explained, in a Facebook post, that his brother had driven his snowmobile ahead of the group, and the moose walked into the space between them.

“I had my son and two other friends with us,” Bigelow wrote. “We stopped. Moments before I started filming, the moose charged us but stopped 20 feet from us. That scared me.”

Bigelow said that he tried to back up, but his son was right behind him, and his snowmobile was not equipped to reverse.

“My brother saw what had happened and was trying to draw the moose’s attention away from us,” Bigelow wrote. “Well … he did. It looked like the moose was going to step off the trail into the woods for a minute, but it changed its mind and did a sudden charge.”

He said his brother thought he could “hit the throttle and get out of there,” but the engine died.

“Lesson learned … brother should have continued on and given it more space. We should have gotten our sleds turned around as well,” Bigelow wrote. “Bad scenario with an okay outcome. Moose was unharmed and I saw it later walking just fine. Scary.” Credit: Jeremiah David Bigelow via Storyful