Several Injured After Vehicle Crashes Into Hijab Store in Sydney Suburb

Police in New South Wales said 14 people were injured when an SUV collided with another vehicle before driving into a hijab store in Greenacre, west Sydney, on Thursday, May 21.

Fadie Chahine, who was in a vehicle nearby, shared footage his sister Charlene recorded to Twitter, with the words, “So this just happened in Greenacre. Thankfully no one was injured.”

The store posted on Instagram to say there were no fatalities, but that the community was left “shaken”.

In an Instagram post, the store, Hijab House, said “the important thing is everyone is still alive.”

New South Wales Police Supt Murray Reynolds told 2GB radio station that police were looking into whether it was a deliberate act.

“If you look at it, it does appear that it’s done deliberately,” he said.

In a statement to Storyful, police said “at this time, there is nothing to suggest it is terror related.” Credit: Fadie Chahine via Storyful