More motorists stuck in Wolstanton Retail Park queues hit with £100 fines

More motorists have been slapped with £100 fines - after getting stuck in horrendous retail park car park queues. Drivers reported taking more than one hour to get off Wolstanton Retail Park during rush-hour queues on Friday, March 8.

StokeonTrentLive has already reported on the case of a young mum who landed a £100 fine after abandoning her car to feed her baby in the M&S cafe due to the queues - and exceeding the four-hour time limit.

Now a further driver has been hit with a fine on the same day. They parked at 11.55am on March 8 - and were not clocked leaving the car park until 4.52pm. That left them 57 minutes over the four-hour limit - after trying to get off the car park for almost an hour.

Parking enforcement firm UKPC warns drivers that any unpaid penalties will be passed to a 'debt recovery agency'.

The parking penalty states: "The terms and conditions of the car park were clearly and prominently displayed and were agreed with by the driver when the vehicle was parked on the private land. The driver is therefore required to pay the outstanding parking charge due to the breach. If no payment or representation is received within 28 days the outstanding debt will be forwarded to a debt recovery agency."

Wolstanton Retail Park is home to Asda, Starbucks, Dunelm, Matalan and B&M as well as M&S. The latest traffic gridlock comes as shoppers are repeatedly calling for separate entrances and exits on and off the retail park. Customers are also calling for a direct bus link between Hanley and Wolstanton Retail Park which would also help to reduce the traffic chaos.

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