This Morning flooded with same complaint as man with 'Britain's biggest penis' appears on show

ITV This Morning viewers shared the same gripe as they were greeted with an unexpected interview on today's episode.

The show featured a segment with a man named Matt, who claims to have Britain's largest penis, chatting with presenters Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard. Cat introduced Matt by saying: "Matt has Britain's biggest penis, measuring over 12 inches when erect, which is more than double the average size"

Ben then added: "Far from being a gift though, Matt's large penis comes with some equally large challenges."


In the candid discussion, Matt talked about the impact of his extraordinary anatomy, remarking: "Is it the biggest problem in the world right now? Of course it's not, but it's just something that affects you in a way people don't think about."

He also mentioned his intention to publish a book on his "gift or curse", depending on perspective, next year following his feature in a documentary. Despite his reserved nature, Matt expressed: "I don't see why it's any different talking about this to talking about breasts or any other bodily part that needs to be discussed, it's just a medical issue, it's not sexualised, it's just a fact of life."

However, viewers were quick to react to the interview, with many expressing surprise that it was being aired so early in the morning.

"I'm eating my breakfast! #ThisMorning", one person wrote on Twitter, while another added: "This chat is putting me off my brekkie, who wants to think about that this (or any) time of day? #ThisMorning".

"#ThisMorning Not what I expected to see over my morning coffee," another viewer commented. Other viewers also found the timing of the interview to be inappropriate.

"What a subject this time of day #thismorning", one person wrote, while another pointed out: "It's 10 past 10 on a Tuesday morning!" "So you're putting your feet up after dropping the kids to school, you've got a cuppa in your hand, you switch on the telly and what's the first thing you see? #ThisMorning."

"What a thing to talk about this time of day dear lord #thismorning", another viewer commented, while another said: "He's got what? ! Er, it's 10.00 am! ! #ThisMornin