‘Morning Joe’ Fears Under Mike Johnson, the House Will ‘Steal This Election’ for Trump: ‘We’re Worried About the Future’ (Video)

Joe Scarborough worries that the Republican majority in the House of Representatives will steal the 2024 election for Donald Trump.

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host discussed the notion with co-host Willie Geist, who pointed out that conservatives won’t acknowledge their previous attempt to steal the 2020 election.

“They don’t want to talk about it because they’re already planning. They’ve already got this figured out,” Scarborough said. “They’ve got Donald Trump’s guy in there, and they’re gonna steal this election and the House of Representatives with this speaker who led. You say, ‘Shut up.’ We’re not going to shut up. You shut up.”

Scarborough expressed this thoughts after the Friday segment dissected the reaction to a reporter who asked Mike Johnson if he had any involvement in the effort to overturn the election of Joe Biden. The crowd surrounding Johnson at the podium booed the reporter and a woman told the reporter to “shut up.”

“If you wanna overturn American democracy, we don’t wanna hear what you have to say. So keep it to yourself, but we’ll never shut up because these are the people that tried to end the American experiment,” Scarborough said. “Because their guy didn’t win. Because a failed reality TV show host didn’t win. So those are the stakes. That’s really what’s happened. Donald Trump has found a guy that will gladly pave the way to an autocracy where democratic elections don’t matter.”

Johnson replaced Kevin McCarthy, who was voted out from the House speaker position in a campaign led by Matt Gaetz. Geist said it’s no coincidence that Johnson has taken the spot.

“Donald Trump wants him in there. And Donald Trump’s guys and women in the House helped put him there. They ran Kevin McCarthy out of office, and they got the most MAGA person that they could find,” Geist said. “This election is going to be close either way. If it’s Trump against Joe Biden, it’s going to be slim margins, again in Arizona and Michigan and Georgia and all those places, and we’re going to see a replay.”

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