'This Morning' viewers outraged by guest who wants to ban Disney classic Bambi

This Morning viewers were left outraged by a guest on today’s show after she announced that she has banned her children from watching the Disney classic Bambi.

The film features an emotional scene in which Bambi’s mother is shot dead by hunters.

Speaking on the morning programme, journalist Alley Einstein argued that parents don’t realise how traumatic the scene is and that they don’t offer their children the right sort of ‘support’ after seeing it.

In light of the news that a Missouri poacher has been ordered to watch the film at least once a month as part of his sentence for killing hundreds of deers, presenters Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes hosted the debate on whether the animation is too traumatic for children.

Einstein began: “We don’t want to have these children who are going to be dumped in front of it without support from their parents after watching this traumatic scene.”

Dismissing the idea that the film is teaching children that animal cruelty is wrong, she said: “Why cant parents teach their children without the help of Bambi? What is it about people, why can’t they actually parent their children and not rely on everybody else?”

She also criticised the film for not having a strong female role model after the death of Bambi’s mother.

“The mother is ripped away and Bambi is left to fend for himself, now of course this is the overwhelming thing that comes through all the Disney films. Name me one Disney film which has a strong maternal mother staying in the film that doesn’t get killed off, or that doesn’t get lost at the beginning of the film, there isn’t one.”

Einstein’s comments sent viewers into a frenzy, with many claiming the children’s classic is completely harmless.

Fellow journalist Sonia Poulton also joined Einstein on show, countering her argument by stating: “It’s about human entitlement, human cruelty, what we do to animals, loss, grief, how children cope with it.

“Traumatic it certainly is, and I still think children should watch it.”

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